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It is a sport where a runner and a dog are connected by a harness and a treadmill belt with an amortization cord. Today, a number of these races are held around the world. The difficulty of the races will be chosen by all enthusiasts, whether they are beginners, advanced or professional Canicrossars. We discovered our love for this sport in 2014, when we participated in several races during this season, so in 2016 we made it to the European Championships, held in Nové Město na Moravě.




Not only the Weimaraner, but in general the hound is born with the innate qualities of a hunter. That is why coursing discipline is so popular with them. It is a sport where the dog is released on a track of various lengths, either released alone as an individual or in pairs with his sparring to another. The preliminary start is a twisted rope, which ends with a reel and after releasing the dog (s) is sent from start to finish and start with a tassel, where there is usually some real rabbit skin, which is dog loving and it is always a reward, your dog will catch up / catches at the end of the run. When you look at your home, a coursing track appears and your dog finds pleasure in this sport, be sure not to hesitate on the rest of you. All your dogs have tried coursing and they really like it by the way, it's an amazing activity to make your pet tired.