About us

Michaela Šmegrová

It was 2006 when we lost our first dog, a dachshund without a pedigree. Her name was Jimmy and she lived to be 12 years old. After her departure, I became interested in the differences between dogs without and with a pedigree. I began to be interested in the activities of several well-known Czech kennels of various breeds of dogs and tried to understand their policy. In January 2007, when I was 17, I started looking for another four-legged member of our family. In March 2007, I became one of the youngest owners of the Weimaraner Shorthaired Pointer, who also enrolled in the Weimaraner Breeders Club in the Czech Republic.

My first female, named Angel from the kennel Amsel-Easy (by Lenka Szeligová), became one of the few versatile females in her time, in 2011 she became the founder of our kennel D´Argento Suerte. Year after year, I gained more and more experience. Because this breed belongs to the hunting breeds, I decided to enroll in a course for applicants for the first hunting ticket and, if only a little possible, to become a full-fledged hunter, even though there was no hunter in our family historically. After successfully passing the hunting exams, a successful exam for a firearms license followed, and time passed. My direction made sense and I understood that I was found. Today I am glad that not only my dogs brought me to where I am today. In the future, my dream is to help not only people how to understand their dogs, but also dogs how to understand their masters. What I do and what I want to do next is my life mission. I will always sacrifice my time and private life for them, I can't imagine that I will come home and no one will welcome me to wear something without a single dog hair or not smeared with mud .... It's just my life! With my wonderful partner Vojta by the side, with whom we go life hand in hand, we support each idea and thought, we own 4 more females: A´viol Lilly Fragoli D´Argento Suerte, Bastet D´Argento Suerte, B´Aussie D´ Argento Suerte, Jackie and even though we know that life with such a big pack is full of worries, our lives with them will be full of unforgettable joys!