About us

Michaela Šmegrová

My name is Michaela Šmegrová and I am from Ústí nad Labem. I got my love for the Weimaraner breed at the first thought of buying this breed. The year was 2007, when I discovered a fateful advertisement on the Internet, where the breeder had the last free girl with a black collar, named Angel from the kennel Amsel-Easy, which was born on January 25, 2007. It was my first dog, my first Weimaraner. hound that brought me on my life journey, the path of hunting, hunting cynology, sports cynology and breeding. In a relatively short time since the arrival of a new family member, I signed up for a hunting ticket course in November of this year, and in September 2008 I successfully passed the hunting exam. In the period from enrolling in the course, after passing the exam, I was already led as an adept in the Zálesák Povrly Hunting Association, where I became a full and full member after 4 years of adept. It is said that a hunter without a dog is half a hunter, but the same applies to the weapon, which is an indispensable part of the hunter for the exercise of the right to hunt and also for the training of hunting dogs. That's why I signed up for the exam to get a firearms license, which I also successfully passed, and so I became a full-fledged hunting dog leader and hunter. It is worth mentioning that I come from a completely non-hunting family and I am all the more pleased that these connections have become the content of my life, which was greatly supported by my current friend Vojtěch Schwägerl, who comes from a hunting family in which hunting has been known for several generations. , and he was led in this direction from an early age. In those few years, I had the opportunity to read many literary works about dogs, hounds, hunting dogs, training of hunting dogs, sports with dogs and many other publications on dog behavior and signals, which helped me a lot to get to know and live together. However, I study and learn all the time, we learn all our lives. At the time it all started, I had no idea what was waiting for me, I didn't know anyone, no hunting dog owner, no hunter, and I didn't know how and where to start. That is why I would like to thank all those who have contributed to where I am now. Above all, I would like to thank you for all the valuable advice, experience, patience and time they have given me for a long time, especially in the beginning! In the same way, I must not forget those who, even in today's difficult times for the training of hunting dogs, allow us hunting, spaces and conditions to have where and on what to train our charges well. And thanks to that we have sufficient field, water and forest areas, which we can alternate as needed, and we have both wild feathered game and wild furry game. However, for the purposes of training, we also have our own so-called released game. D´Argento Suerte kennel was founded in November 2011. The name is very specific, but very apt, in translation it means silver happiness. The kennel was established to support the breeding of Weimaraner with typical traits and characteristics for this breed and quality gene potential. Which is actually my biggest achievable goal, to breed offspring without genetic defects, with a balanced and stable nature for the best coexistence, with all the typical natural characteristics such as nose quality, firm and stylish exposure in the Weimaraner standard and a good field! It is not for nothing that it is said that it is a very versatile dog, I can't help but agree, because in addition to hunting cynology, my dogs and I devote ourselves to sports cynology, coursing, canicros, scooter, bikejoring, positive motivation and other joint activities. The Weimaraner is a very well-trained and controllable dog, but in his life he needs to be mainly satisfied and satisfied only if he can spend as much time as possible with his master in his life and if he has a busy head and feels maximally used. Each individual has a unique personality and therefore needs an individual approach and everyone needs enough time to master their life stages. Nothing should be rushed and so-called push on the saw or break over the knee.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all future owners a happy hand in choosing a new member of the family, any hunting breed, whether it is another dog or the very first. Whether you throw yourself into hunting cynology, or just buy it as a life partner! With open arms and sincerely from the heart, I offer all of you, whether the future owners of our puppies or all of you, many years of experience in the selection, management, feeding, coexistence and breeding of Weimaraner.

                                  "I think we are attracted to dogs because they are the unfettered creatures we could be,
                                                                     if we weren't sure we knew best "
                                                        George Bird Evans, author and breeder of dogs 

Vojtěch Schwägerl

I was born into a hunting family. Our family had from pointers, german short haired pointers to Hungarian hounds, because our hunting area, in which we are members and which we take care of is mostly from the field with water areas, therefore the choice of hounds. I remember when I was 5 years old and my dad told me that our German shored haired pointer died because he ate a bad hare. It didn't take long and we went for our first Hungarian hound - we traditionally named him ARIS. At that moment, I started to "help" my father with training, or rather I ran everywhere with him, because I was very interested in all this and I was with him every time I went to train our new Aris. I remember when I pulled the siding and Aris was locked in the car so he wouldn't see me, when I went to take me thrown away, my dad always locked him in the car and I didn't even know why, but I always liked it when he found the game and brought it with joy. When the law allowed it, I could go hunting for the first time and see it all in practice. It occurred to me that I would also like my dog, but I was 15 and my dad obviously didn't let me. We had to say goodbye to our first Hungarian, it was all the more difficult because it was on the day of the first hunt in the 2009 hunting season. That year only my father and I passed without a dog. It was so different, incomplete and that is why on January 1, 2010 we went for our second Hungarian, Aris. The vast majority of him went through training with him, as an assistant to my dad. I went with him to the autumn exams, went on all the hunts and got closer to the canine world. When I started driving, I started riding like a hunter on other hunts and I started to take a partner with me. We worked great. Then he started to grow old, his strength was running out and at that moment I decided - to get my own hound! At that time I was on the hunt, where Míša led the Weimaraners, I suspected that there were some such whippets, but for me there was only a Hungarian, a český fousek and a short haired pointer. They worked really well and so we became more interested. We want to cover in the spring and I knew that was it! Our association told me that Weimaraner doesn't work, is sharp, doesn't run and that I will never make that dog and that was the engine for me! I will show you that the dog will work and I will pull him to versatility! I got ridiculed and stupid allusions. To date, my first Weimaraner is a versatile dog and we lack the last CACT title to win the job champion. As for the cynological world, thanks to my Weimaraner I met many experienced cynologists, interesting people and a lot of great friends. And most of all, he united us so much that thanks to my Weimaraner, I became a proud and proud father, the head of the family. It is great to meet a person in life with the same diagnosis, the same interests, hobbies. Because my family lived in exactly the same way, we receive maximum understanding, support and joy. I would like to thank all those people who were at the birth of this beginning and my love of hunting with hounds!