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Do you have questions or have ideas like:                           Should my hound have hunting training?                                       I want to get to know hunting training with my hound!                   I want to train with my dog, but someone is constantly literally   throwing me out of the fields.                                                 Where should I get game for training?                                           I do not understand what is written in competitions regulations,   how should I prepare my dog?

We will be happy to help you!

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Memorial of J. Kellerstein VZ - CACT

B'Aussie D'Argento Suerte - 4th place, II. prize, 465 points,

I was really looking forward to this memorial because it's a short distance from my home and OMS NYMBURK is just a great bunch of people. 1 of them was waiting for me from the draw and 3 Hungarian vizsla came to the group with me, which was a challenge. The field is perfectly closed, in 5 minutes Auss pointing me the first hare, super calm, the hare runs away, we continue our search. This was repeated twice more until we reach the released pheasants - Auss indicates the presence of game, proceeds about 20 m and pointing. Before the shooter ran out, the pheasant stood up and a colleague shoots at about 50 m. After several shots, Aussie ends the calm, evaluates the pheasant's injuries and sets out for her. She evaluated it badly for our test table, but the pheasant proudly and joyfully brings me the rest, of course, we continue to enjoy, wildlife, retrieved and atmosphere. The next day in the forest will pay me back without a single stutter and we are finishing the forest with the full number. Furthermore, the family for the immense support in my event and all the friends who come with us in this!



18.9. In 2020, we participated in an amazingly prepared event for dogs and leaders with a direct opportunity for practical hunting!

Category men: Aussie and Vojta 10th place, Aussie did not have a day, she became tired from all round competition, unfortunately she did not even to pheasants, so together with Vojta they achieved a low number of points, but they still enjoyed it a lot.

Women's category: Týnka and Míša 2nd place and Lilly and Míša 1st place, Týnka and I were unlucky for pheasants, but at least for hares, which she could work out perfectly, but unfortunately the work on hares does not count.

Lilly and I started as the 9th, she kept the pace perfectly for the whole 20 minute run, she came to the fur coat, she worked out again without points, unfortunately, but good luck to us in the last few minutes, Lilly pointing, I see a hen, I step on, I shoot and I hunt for the second shot, Lilly immediately performs a search and we score it was an unforgettable experience with her again, even though I thought she wouldn't be here for a long time (health complications), it never ceases to surprise me even in its 8.5 years!

Thanks to the girls for their cooperation and Vojta for the all-day escort and great day!



7.9.2020 International all-round tests of hounds.

Aussie's grandmother, Angel Amsel Easy, the founder of our kennel, was a participant in the first year, and because she left us this year, our participation was such a memory of her and I am glad that she looked to us.

B´Aussie D´Argento Suerte 1st prize, 470 points, 5th place

Beautiful environment, great bunch, great leaders and judges and everything was as it should be.

Another dream came true and Aussie became "U" today.

Thank you especially to my family for your support!



6.9.2020 A two-day competition was held, organized by the club of Brittany Whippets, consisting of field and water work. 10 dogs entered, only 3 came in the 1st prize. The title was awarded only to the winners.

Bastet D´Argento Suerte - 1st prize, 309 points, 3rd place.

Týnka performed excellent work on wild pheasants three times in a separate search!

Thank you to the organizers for organizing this event.



11.7.2020 Forest exam o hounds organized by OMS Písek in forest of town písek. Rain from morning, so weather really for this exam. We have luck that we had PINEWOOD clothes with membranes so we were dry. Total from 14th dogs on start, finished just 5 dogs. B'Aussie 2nd place, 238 points, age

Thank you for organization and we are look to come back!



27-28.6.2020 we participated in the competition NORTH CUP 2020, ZV + VP. The first day we started with water, where B'Aussie and I walked in full force, but unfortunately Bastet, despite being a passionate swimmer and has successfully completed this type of test, has entertained not only the judge but also the crown with his diving skills. The next day the field was waiting for us and even here we kept the full number and thus we won a wonderful 3rd place, the CACT title and the award for the best water! Thank you to the Mareš family, OMS Děčín and everyone else for a perfect weekend!


Bastet D'Argento Suerte JCHCR, became CHAMPION OF BEAUTY OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC on February 2, 2020 in Brno! Excellent 1, CAC, judge: Tatjana Urek - Slovakia


With friends on one of the last of the great hunts with our hounds! In total, about 1,500 pheasants were caught. The season was really successful here and we will be happy to return here in a year!


We wish you all the best for the New Year, a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year!


In 2019, we established close cooperation with NORTH STYLE s.r.o, which is the exclusive importer of the PINEWOOD brand. We thank them and look forward to working with you!


The Breton Hounds Club is organizing a competition called the St. Hubert's Cup, which took place near Konopiště. B'Auss and Basťa were resting after a string of rehearsals and competitions, I decided to take Lilly and enjoy the weekend together. The first day we placed 4th and the second day 3rd.

It was a huge experience for me when I thought that this competition would be a great relaxation for us, because Lilly is a partner that I would have a hard time looking for a better one and I grew up in the hunt for change. The truth was the opposite, and I found out where my gaps were and how not to spoil it next time. We recommend this competition to everyone!